The Liebster Award

Thanks J. for passing this award to me! 🙂
➺ Check out her blog: My NYC Photography
➺ and her Liebster Award post HERE


☑ Thank your Liebster-Award presenter and link his blog in your post.
☑ Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
☑ Nominate 5 to 11 new blogger for the Liebster-Award.
☑ Put together a new list of 11 questions for your nominees.
☑ Add these rules to your Liebster-Award blog post.
☑ Inform your nominees about this blog post.

(I decided to add a photo to each of them)

1) Why did you start your blog?
I started it because I really wanted to connect with other people who are passionate about photography all around the world – a blog seemed the perfect way to do so! This was the first photo I published:

2) How long have you been blogging?
For 4 years now! My first post was on September 12th 2011.
This was my first profile picture and I still keep it as my avatar:

3) How long have you been taking pictures?
If you start counting from the moment I got my first camera, then it has been for almost 20 years! But if you mean really being interested in photography itself and wanting to learn more about it, I would say the past 8 years. Here I am at age 14 camera in hand:

4) What is your favorite picture that you shot yourself?
It’s difficult to choose… but this one is part of my favorites for sure:

5) What is your favorite picture by somebody else?
Even harder to choose! I will go with this one by Miss Aniela. Back in 2009 this was the photo that made me realize photography could be much more than just documenting moments. That’s how I came across multiple exposures & creative self portraits.

©MissAniela (By The Lake)
– ©MissAniela (By The Lake)

6) Can you describe your photography style?
I would say it’s authentic, I like my photos to reflect what I’m seeing and how I’m feeling at the moment.

7) Do you have a favorite object that you like to shoot?
Right now I don’t have one particular object I prefer to shoot, however light is the element I always pay attention to the most every time I photograph.

8) Besides camera and lens, what accessory do you use most often?
That would be my camera strap! I have the BlackRapid Elle Strap :

9) Is there a photography skill that you wish you were better at?
Yes: flash! I have the tools to improve though:

10) How do you try to improve your skills?
I try to read & watch videos as much as possible and then it’s by trial and error, I just experiment a lot!

11) Do you prefer color or black and white photography?
Most of my photos are color, so I guess that shows some kind of preference…

However, I really love the results when I shoot in B&W!


The Girl Who Clicked
Through a Lay(wo)man’s Lens
Along Life’s Path
♡ Brightpigments Photography

I started following these blogs only recently – so if the bloggers above would like to take part on this, I would love to see their answers and get to know them a bit better!


❔ How/Why did you become interested in photography?
❔ What’s the first photo you published on your blog?
❔ Do you photograph mostly to document moments or to be creative?
❔ What’s your favorite time of the day to take photos?
❔ Where do you get inspiration to photograph?
❔ If you could spend a day with a famous photographer who would it be?
❔ What is your favorite camera to shoot with?
❔ What was your last purchase photography related?
❔ Do you have a camera bag?
❔ What photography book would you recommend?
❔ Do you print your photos?

Tradução: A minha participação no ‘Liebster-Award’, desculpem não haver tradução do artigo todo – é demasiado texto desta vez!

9 thoughts on “The Liebster Award”

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination, Ines! I don’t normally participate in these things, but I actually find the questions as well as your answers interesting, so I’ll give it a shoot these next days.

    Congratulations on your own nomination!


    1. Me neither 😉 But since this time it was all photography related I gave it a try.


    1. Thank you! I hope the magnolia photo can inspire you to try some new ways to photograph it next Spring 🙂


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