HEAD Genève 2015 show


Here are the photos from the fashion show from the Geneva University of Art and Design, for which I had posted a small preview in THIS post.


For this show I was photographing from the public. It was a very different experience from shooting in the photographer’s pit and quite challenging as well!

At first I thought the photos wouldn’t turn out good, but then while editing I started playing around with vignetting to isolate the models from the public and I also blurred the background (all those people faces were quite distracting!) – in the end I’m quite happy with the result. 🙂


Yep, that’s a motorcycle on the catwalk!


Just before the show started we had the opportunity to go backstage so Romina could meet the makeup artist. You can read the interview she did on her blog HERE.



Tradução: Aqui estão as fotos do desfile de moda da Escola de Arte e Design de Genebra. Desta vez tive de fotografar sentada no meio do público, não foi tão simples mas acho que no final até ficou bem! Mesmo antes do desfile começar tivemos oportunidade de passar pelos bastidores e ficar a conhecer um pouco mais sobre a maquilhagem escolhida para o desfile. Uma entrevista com a maquilhadora pode ser lida no blogue da Romina AQUI.

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