Trash the dress (kind of)


Still sharing the result of the photo shoots for which I posted behind the scenes pics a couple of weeks ago. Today it’s a bridal one!

Let’s call it “post-wedding” photo shoot because we didn’t trash the dress at all, on the contrary we were quite careful as she had no intention of ruin it!



It was so much fun!

For her: to get back into the wedding dress one year after she got married.
For the MUA: to have the freedom to do something she wouldn’t to a bride on her wedding day.
And for me: to be able to photograph a wedding dress.

Weddings are not included in my photography services so this kind of shoot is my chance to take some bridal portraiture 🙂


(MUA: Sabimakeup)


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Estes retratos foram tirados um ano depois da E. ter casado, foi a desculpa perfeita para ela se voltar a meter no vestido de noiva e para mim foi uma oportunidade única! (já que não fotografo casamentos) 

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