Anemia – a Photographic Essay


‘Anemia’ is a photographic essay that represents the emotional stages I went through before finding out I had an iron deficiency earlier this year.

I experienced permanent exhaustion, trouble concentrating, tiredness and felt somewhat depressed. Now that everything is back to normal, I wanted to create something beautiful out of such a difficult period of time.

Hence this photo project!






 ¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Este é o resultado do meu ensaio fotográfico baseado no meu estado emocional no início deste ano, antes de descobrir que estava com falta de ferro. Sentia-me constantemente exausta, tinha dificuldade em concentrar-me e estava sempre muito cansada. Agora que tudo voltou ao normal, tive vontade de criar algo especial a partir desse período difícil. Assim nasceu este projecto!

7 thoughts on “Anemia – a Photographic Essay”

  1. Great series. I’ve been experiencing the same thing and found out I’m probably a bit anemic too. Vitamins have helped a little bit, but I’m still tired a lot.


    1. Thanks David! Apparently that’s something that affects 1/4 of the world’s population… My doctor gave me iron pills to take during a couple of months. I hope you’ll feel better really soon 🙂


    1. Thank you! I guess it’s a good thing you’re not familiar with it 😉


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