Happy Monday #24

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– click the image to read the article on iso.500px.com

Which one(s) did you prefer? My favorites are:
2) Nina Masic
6) Dmitry Arhar
7) Maja Topcagic
9) Georgiy Chernyadyev


A few years ago I discovered Joel Robinson‘s photography work and I’ve been following his creative journey since then. Last week he wrote a post on his blog that I think is worth sharing:

– click the image to read the entire blog post

In short he writes about two people who have copied his self portraiture work and published it as their own. One by recreating his scenarios imitating every detail. And the other one by taking his photos and photoshopping himself in Joel’s place. Crazy, right?

I found how he wrote about it interesting and the fact that any art shared on the internet is vulnerable to getting stolen. It usually annoys me when people share stuff online without putting any credits, I can’t even imagine how horrifying it must be to find people using your art as their own and taking full credit for it!

As Joel very well wrote:

Being inspired by another artist is not bad,
wanting to create something that you like to see isn’t bad,
and even using other people’s work as a motivation for your own isn’t necessarily bad.
Many of us have inspiration boards, favourite images we’re inspired by and so on.
When that crosses into complete copying and theft, its disrespectful not only the original artist but also continues an attitude of “it’s on the internet, so it must be mine to take”.



¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Um artigo que dá a conhecer 10 fotógrafos especializados em retratos, os meus favoritos são os correspondentes aos números 2, 6, 7 e 9 (para ler o artigo clicar na primeira imagem). O segundo artigo é a triste história de um fotógrafo que viu o seu trabalho ser utilizado com o nome de outros como se fosse deles. Para ler o artigo (em inglês) é por AQUI.

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