The Rhine Falls


Since this weekend was a 4-day one because of the Easter holidays, we went up north to visit Europe’s largest waterfalls: the Rhine Falls.

Here are some photos!








All taken with the Fuji x100s.

I also tried its panorama option for the first time:


It did a good job, there are no cut lines in the image and it doesn’t create too much of a “V shaped” photo as some panorama apps on cell phones do. But although I had the camera set to take RAW files it automatically switched to JPG for the panorma.


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ O fim-de-semana prolongado foi a desculpa perfeita para ir até ao Norte do país visitar a maior queda de água da Europa: as cataratas do Reno. Todas as fotografias foram tiradas com a Fuji x100s e aproveitei para experimentar pela primeira vez a opção “panorama” desta máquina.

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