The trickiest location for photos


I was invited to photograph The Beauty Ride experience of two bloggers (Blaastyle & BangBangBlond) which consisted in a collaboration between their blogs, the makeup brand Urban Decay and the mobile-app-based transportation network Uber.


Photographing in a car while it’s moving was probably the trickiest experience I’ve had so far!

Not only was I not really able to find stable ground because the car was riding around, but I was also limited to my seat and couldn’t move much for different angles. As you can see in the image below I tried some higher angles for a bit of diversity in my shots!
And I won’t even mention the low light situation… (ISO 2000 and up we go!)

– photo from Blaastyle’s Instagram account

I have the Fuji x100s on my hand there but also had my dSLR with me, I kept switching between both cameras depending on the shots I was getting and the feel I wanted for each of them.
It was challenging but in the end the photos turned out well!

Here are some of them:
(and kudos to the makeup artist who did their makeup in a moving car!)


After that we went to the actual makeup store and you can see the full story as well as more photos on both their blogs HERE and HERE.

What’s the trickiest location where you’ve had to photograph so far?


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Fotografar num carro em movimento foi provavelmente a experiência mais complicada que tive até hoje! Para além de não ter grande estabilidade, a luz era pouca e estava limitada ao meu lugar, o que me impediu de trabalhar vários ângulos enquanto tirava fotografias. Esta experiência aconteceu no âmbito do evento ‘The Beauty Ride’ para o qual fui convidada a acompanhar duas bloggers e fazer a reportagem fotográfica. Há mais fotografias nos blogues delas AQUI e AQUI.

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