From last Summer


I was asked last Summer if I would like to share a photo story + tips to be featured in a travel series of a blog. I was kind of waiting for it to be published, so I could share everything with links to it and all… but it didn’t – or at least not yet.

I just really wanted to publish some of the photos because they have been on my computer for so long now, so here they are 🙂

All from a small village in the South of Portugal called Zambujeira do Mar.


I’m not a fan of spending my days laying on the sand and I’m also quite sensitive to the sun, but I must admit that vacation week was quite relaxing and much needed at the time.

If the article eventually gets published I will share it in one of my Monday posts!


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Estas imagens fazem parte de um artigo que escrevi para um blogue de viagens no verão passado, mas (até hoje) não foi publicado. Como não faço ideia se virá a ser um dia, e como queria muito partilhar aqui algumas fotos, resolvi não esperar mais!
Foram todas tiradas no Sul de Portugal, na Zambujeira do Mar.

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