News: Website


Today is the launch of my website dedicated to women’s portraiture and fashion photography 🙂


The story behind it

I quit my job last Summer (2014) because I felt the need to spend more time at home instead of being stuck in an office all day long.

I decided to dedicate myself to photography at another level, I was able to take more portrait & fashion jobs than I used to, as well as invest in those two areas. So I started building my own business as a freelancer.

Until the end of 2014 I kept directing people to my Facebook page but I knew I needed a place that looked a bit more professional to showcase my work.

I hired a design company to create my branding image and at the same time I started building a website! Now it’s finally out there.


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Hoje apresento o meu site dedicado a retratos de mulheres e trabalhos de moda. No verão passado decidi despedir-me de um emprego que não me deixava ter vida pessoal e pude assim dedicar-me mais à fotografia. Fui fazendo alguns trabalhos e foi surgindo a necessidade de ter um espaço com um ar mais profissional do que a página do Facebook. Para isso contratei uma equipa de design que trabalhou na imagem da minha marca e criei um site:

7 thoughts on “News: Website”

  1. That’s so exciting! I hope it’s a great success for you. I’m going to have a proper look at the site when I’m on my laptop and not my phone so I can enjoy it fully 🙂


    1. Thanks Helen!
      The site is enabled for mobile phones but indeed it’s better to check out from a computer. If you have any feedback do not hesitate to drop me an email 😉


  2. Congratulations, I loved your site it looks wonderful. Your photos are beautiful and so sharp I love that. Good luck to you I hope you have great success.


    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting the website as well 🙂
      I saw you just created your blog a few days ago, have fun blogging!

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