All white


It snowed during the night and this morning everything was all white.

I decided to take a walk after lunch and brought the Fuji x100s with me, but by that time it had started melting already. Here are some photos nonetheless!


(testing the macro function of the camera, I had to use the manual focus though)


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Esteve a nevar durante a noite e hoje de manhã quando abri a janela estava tudo branquinho. Fui dar uma volta a seguir ao almoço e levei a máquina, mas por essa hora já tinha começado a derreter. Ficam na mesma aqui algumas fotos!

2 thoughts on “All white”

  1. I’m so jealous of any amount of snow! We were due to have some here yesterday but it was gone after an hour! I’ve been trying my tiny little macro Olloclip lens on bits of frost and am loving it, but I do find it hard to keep steady enough to focus. I’d like to try a proper macro lens 🙂


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