Happy Monday #16

Monday again, more links to share 🙂


While browsing the internet I came across another Ines taking photos!
I don’t know why I always feel some kind of empathy for people with my name. Is this weird or does everyone else feel the same way with their homonyms?

Here’s her PORTFOLIO and her 365 DAYS photo project.
Have a look, maybe you’ll like it too!



I’ve also started to follow this blog called A Stairway to Fashion.
There you can find so many editorials from different photographers, as well as street style photography and even shots of shoe collections.

It’s just the kind of blog I like to visit when I’m in need of some inspiration!




¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Esta semana partilho aqui dois blogues que comecei a seguir recentemente. Um deles é um projecto fotográfico 365 (1 foto por dia durante 1 ano) desenvolvido por uma homónima minha! O outro é um blogue onde são publicadas fotografias de moda, entre outras coisas! O melhor é mesmo clicar nas imagens acima e descobrir o que cada um deles tem para mostrar.

3 thoughts on “Happy Monday #16”

  1. I have trouble finding people with the same name as me, so I unfortunately don’t know the feeling 😀
    But the blogs you posted are quite interesting! 🙂

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