Portrait session for an “about me” page


Géraldine is the author of the blog With A Touch Of Sea Salt and back in December she was looking for someone to take her portrait, so she could add it to her “about me” page. I was recommended to her and that’s how we met!

We brainstormed and came up with the idea of a photo session at a coffee shop.

The photo above is the one she chose to be featured on the blog.
Here’s a screenshot:


Another favorite was this portrait, which she’s using as profile picture on her Instagram.


If you’re into interior design and travelling you should definitely have a look at Géraldine’s blog!


I love photographing for people to use the portraits on their website, I had done it once before for Joana Bento Glamour Photography. Hopefully there will be more opportunities for photo shoots like these in 2015 🙂


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Este é o resultado de uma sessão fotográfica que fiz para outra blogger. O blogue dela é sobre design de interiores e viagens, espreitem que vale a pena! Adoro fotografar pessoas para que possam usar os retratos nos seus sites, espero que 2015 traga mais sessões destas!

2 thoughts on “Portrait session for an “about me” page”

  1. They’re great – I”m determined to get a new profile picture soon as I always end up just using random snaps. It’s one of my January goals to get a decent picture. It’s a pity you don’t live closer to me to help out!!


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