Photo related gifts from Xmas


Some gifts related to photography that I received on Xmas.


Book: Creative Portrait Photography


Written by Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela. It’s funny because I have been following her work for years and I’m a fan, but the person who gave me this book had no idea I loved her photos!


BlackRapid Elle Strap (floral pattern)


We have the sport version of the strap at home but I never liked it that much, so I was waiting to get the “Elle” version one day. As per my boyfriend suggestion his mom gave it to me this Xmas, yay! Here‘s the product overview video if you wish to know more about it.


Tiger note book


One of my friends from Portugal surprised me with this camera note book, it’s so cute! I didn’t know this store, it has such pretty things.


Vogue Paris


Ok, this is not directly linked to photography but if you read this blog for a while then you know I love fashion photography and portraiture. So this kind of magazines are a nice source of inspiration, there are so many beautiful images in there!


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Prendinhas relacionadas com fotografia que recebi no Natal: o Livro da Miss Aniela que admiro tanto, alça para a máquina fotográfica, um bloco de notas super fofo e a revista Vogue Paris (que não é propriamente sobre fotografia mas tem tantos retratos lindos – é a inspiração perfeita). 

5 thoughts on “Photo related gifts from Xmas”

  1. Christmas is so good for stocking up on photography goodies! Looks like you got some lovely stuff – the camera strap is great! I love that notebook too. I’d be very happy if I was given all of those things 🙂


    1. Hi Helen! Sometimes I think maybe I should do a wishlist so I’m more likely to receive things I really want lol but I never do! It worked out pretty well without the list – I was lucky this year! 😀


    1. Olá Joana! Eu gosto muito destas alças porque o peso não fica todo no pescoço e o mecanismo é bastante prático. Recomendo! 😉
      Há uma loja no Algarve que vende produtos dessa marca, é a (pelos vistos as encomendas chegam muito rápido, de um dia para o outro)


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