Some pics from my Instagram (Jan-Dec 2014)


A few days ago I received the usual annual report from WordPress with the blog’s activity in 2014.
How many views and comments in total, all those numbers… The funny thing is that I started getting more views/followers from the moment I went more personal with the blog.

That happened a few months ago when I realized I was going through my old posts quite a lot, enjoying reading about what I was photographing one or two years ago and seeing the progression of things – like reading a journal – so I started using my blog in a more personal way.

Another thing that came up in the report, much like in other years, is that a lot of my readers are from Portugal. Not a surprise since I have family and friends there.

The reason why I didn’t start this blog in Portuguese was because I wanted to reach to other photography bloggers all over the world + allow anyone to follow along, so writing in English seemed the best choice not leaving anyone out.


Anyway what I really wanted to say (I always feel I have to explain things before getting to a point!) is that from now on I will…

keep it personal…
I will post whenever there’s content to publish, no matter if that means 3 days in a row and then nothing for a week. The Mondays & Thursdays combo is over.
I’m going to keep the Happy Monday posts to share photography related links as I was doing every Monday, but apart from that all other posts will be spontaneous publications.

and add a little text in Portuguese.
At the end of each post there will be a small paragraph in Portuguese, probably not the entire translation of the English text but a nice little explanation of what the post is about!


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ Pois é! A partir de agora cada artigo terá um pequeno resumo em Português. Uma vez que o relatório anual do WordPress diz que grande parte das visitas vêm de Portugal, acho que faz sentido! Para 2015 quero que o blogue continue a ser muito pessoal, como um diário aberto das minhas aventuras, descobertas e realizações fotográficas.

3 thoughts on “2015”

  1. this is really interesting, thanks for sharing! and it got me thinking – just when i was about to work out a blogging schedule – that maybe i shouldn’t do it… 😉


    1. I guess it depends on how you see your blog. If views and followers are important + you’re trying to get something from the blog, then I think it makes sense to have a schedule, plan things and look at the blog as your business. But if it’s only a personal blog it might be more fun to keep it spontaneous 🙂


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