Photo sayings

I’m sure you’ve seen these ecards before, I find them so funny I thought I would compile some with photography related sayings!


Since I started doing photography jobs, putting together my portfolio and presenting myself to people as a photographer, I’ve heard some pretty funny (and strange!) things…
Some of these sayings really make me laugh. I hope you will enjoy them as well!

If you are a fellow photog let me know in the comments if you also get weird comments sometimes 😉


More on their website:, where you can also create your own cards.

2 thoughts on “Photo sayings”

  1. Haha love the one about the free pictures on the party. So great.. All you hear is “so… are you going to bring your camera as well tomorrow?” like it’s my +2 !! 😀


    1. ahah yes! Sometimes it’s not even a question anymore, it’s just a “don’t forget to bring your camera!” reminder 😉


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