Happy Monday #11

Last week I had a very nice encounter! I met Sarah from the blog Make Take Travel.
We e-met back in April when she wrote me an email to take part on my 1hour-1photo project and since then we’ve been following each other’s blogs. Recently she invited me to be featured in her Meet & Greet series where she interviews fellow bloggers (I will share once it’s published).

 It was really nice to meet her in person, it turned out we have a lot in common!
Here’s a photo of us:


More about Sarah HERE if you’re curious!


Also last week I met with another blogger who needed a portrait to place in her “about me” page. So we had a nice portrait session at a cafe in town.
Maybe you will see more about it here in the future!



Last published here on the blog:
Why you should learn from your favorite photographers

Next Thursday I will share some photo sayings that I found online and thought were funny.



3 thoughts on “Happy Monday #11”

    1. It is! It’s great to be able to talk and share experiences with so many people online, but meeting in person and spend time together is even better 😉


  1. Thanks, Ines!
    I’m already looking forward to our next meeting – hopefully with more ‘shooting’ involved 😉
    And I hope to be able to put your interview up on the blog before 2015…!


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