Happy Monday #10

I just came back from England, I went there to attend a Natural Light Fashion Photography Workshop hosted by one of my favorite photographers: Alexandra Cameron.

We spent all Sunday shooting, we only stopped when the light was gone.

The workshop was held in a town called Bishop’s Stortford in the county of Hertfordshire, it’s about 40 km north east of central London.
I took two photos with my phone on my way to the location:


(Not the most amazing pics, but it’s just to give an idea of the place!)

I stumbled upon the photographic work of Alex on Flickr back in 2010 and I’ve been following her projects since then, so I was really happy to finally be able to attend one of her workshops.

Here’s a preview of her photostream:
(click the image to check more)



Last published here on the blog:
Photographing makeup + a lesson learned

Next Thursday I will tell you more about the workshop, share some behind the scenes photos and of course the final shots of what I photographed there!



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