Happy Monday #6

I hope you had a great weekend!
Here it seems autumn is at its best:

– photos from my phone


Speaking of Autumn, I don’t get a word of this POST because it’s a Swedish blog but this autumnal portrait session in the woods is just amazing! Make sure to check out the other photos:

– megapixlar.blogg.se


STOP ASKING ME TO DO MY JOB FOR FREE: a guide to being a decent friend to a photographer

This is the title of a blog POST – pretty funny! Have a look if you can relate to it. 😉



Last published here on the blog:
How to create and print a photo desk calendar online

Next post planned is about two photo shoots I did with fashion blogger Romina for the preview of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection now in stores. Come back on Thursday to know more!
Here’s a sneak peek:




2 thoughts on “Happy Monday #6”

  1. Beautiful shots of the foliage :). And yeah, it sucks when a friend asks you to take some quick shots of them for free. I think its because we make it look so easy to produce good photos, it must not take much time for us.


    1. Thanks!
      It’s true, we do make it look easy.. We should complain more ahah 😀


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