Photo desk calendar


I came up with the idea of printing a calendar with some of my favorite quotes illustrated with photographs taken by me to give as a complement to a birthday present to one of my sisters.

Since Xmas is in less than 2 months, I thought I could share this here.


I made it on PhotoBox. It’s an online photo printing company and on their website you can print photos, canvas, books, calendars, cards, mugs, etc.

I chose the desk calendar because I thought it would be handy for my sister to have it on her desk while she studies, but there are other options (like one page calendars, diaries, etc.).


The process of creating it was very simple:
After choosing the type of calendar I wanted, I was asked to choose the starting month and background color. Then I just had to upload the photos, arrange the layout and add the quotes.


While you’re working on the layout you can also add text next to the dates, for example below I added “St Valentine’s Day” on February 14th. I also inserted some holidays on the other pages.


For the quotes, I chose a font that looked hand written.
You’re able to choose the font type, size and color, as well as formatting options like bold, italic, underlined and the alignment of your text.


Once it looked like what I wanted I just had to save it and complete the order.
If you create a profile there it will save the calendar for the future, so you can come back, update the info and reprint it. It’s pretty cool!

I immediately ordered two of them though, because I knew I would want to keep one for myself. 🙂
FYI if you decide to get two right away, there’s a discount.


As for the quality, it’s fine. I mean it’s a 12£ (~15€/18 francs) calendar so don’t expect anything top-notch. With that said, mine had no printing errors, the colors turned out nice and everything was as expected – so I’m happy with it!


I’ve noticed on their website they have some special offers going on right now.
So go have a look if you liked the idea!

5 thoughts on “Photo desk calendar”

  1. Looks great!
    I had some printed from a lab 2 years ago and didn’t really like the quality too much so I’ll definitely check Photobox out…

    Liked by 1 person

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