Happy Monday #5

Hi! Did you celebrate Halloween?
I found this image during the weekend on the FB page of a Swiss magazine, I thought it was funny – it’s a change from the pumpkins:



Still about Halloween, I also found a very nice inspiration post on the Atlas blog. Next year I really need to put together something for a themed photo shoot! There are so many creative things to come up with. Like these two portraits they shared:


Did you dress up? I usually don’t, but this year we were invited to a party – there’s a photo on Instagram of our costumes ihihih…


And speaking of Atlas, if you like fashion photography you should definitely check it out!

Atlas Magazine is an inspirational quarterly fashion-forward publication geared at the promotion of the new generation of fashion creatives. We offer a platform for young up and coming artists to show off their work and speak out.

What I really like about it is that it was created by two friends who met online. They currently have a Kickstarter Campaign going on to be able to print the next issue.



As for the blog, last published here were:
Some photos taken at the golden hour
My experience shooting at a fashion show

For the next post, I’m planning to share a calendar I printed with some of my favorite photos and quotes. So stay tuned and talk to you soon!



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