Golden hour



It’s so cold here in Switzerland right now. We were having nice sunny days with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius and today it suddenly dropped to 7°C!!


These photos are from last weekend though, I took them while I was in the park with my bf admiring the sunset and its golden light.

It sounds romantic but to be honest I spent most of the time looking at a raven that was scaring the hell out of me (he was probably scared of me too as I wouldn’t stop looking at him) and there were so many little flies and insects in the hair that I kept shaking my hands over my head… So ridiculous! I truly have the most patient boyfriend in the world ❤


I took them with the Fujix100s which I have not being using that much lately. I’m really hoping I will be able to spend some time this weekend reading more about the camera, as I don’t feel I master it completely. I often have issues with exposure and shutter speed when using it.


I hope you’re having a nice week!

6 thoughts on “Golden hour”

  1. I LOVE golden hour at this time of year – it makes for the most wonderful photos. I love the long shadows in your photo…sweet shot 🙂


    1. Não, mas gostava de ter! Essa camara dá muito jeito quando não dá para andar com uma dslr às costas e parece ser muito fixe 🙂 Cabe no bolso, não cabe?


    2. Ah pois, que fixe! Gosto do estilo retro dela tambem, não tenho é dinheiro para comprar haha 😀 Neste momento estou a pensar comprar uma lente macro baratinha para o Natal, mas quem sabe!


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