Changes & News

– pics taken with my phone

People say Fall is the perfect season to make some changes.
I have a friend that says she embraces this time of the year as a new beginning, she actually gets more excited now than in January for the New Year’s celebration!

Truth is that for a very long time September meant the end of the Summer holidays and the beginning of a new school year, so Autumn was a very thrilling time back then.

This year I’m experiencing this kind of excitement again as I’m working on a new website that will launch this Fall. I’m super excited about it!

So the reason why I’m writing this post is actually to explain why I am changing the blog’s title to: IMonnet – Personal blog and that’s because I want the future website, this blog and all my social media to go by the same name: IMonnet.


I also wanted to take the opportunity of writing this post to let you know that my Facebook page is actually going to be linked to the new website, so there are some changes going on in there. If you were following trough there to get updates of new posts on the blog then you won’t get those anymore.

I know most people following this blog are actually fellow WordPress bloggers/photographers  – for you nothing changes as you will continue to see the updates in your WordPress Reader.
For the rest of you, you can keep following by adding the blog to your favorites, subscribing to RSS posts or following on Bloglovin (see side bar).


As soon as the website launches I will let you know 🙂
I’ve been working on this for quite a while, it will feature my portraiture & fashion work.


What about you?
Is Fall a special season for you?
Anything exciting happening?

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