The new life of my 35mm lens

I didn’t share anything since last week and I missed my Happy Monday post but I wasn’t feeling like blogging. Sometimes you feel you have nothing to share or you’re in a cranky mood, so when that happens the best is to stay offline 😉


I thought today I would post some portraits I took with the combo Nikon D610 + 35mm lens. Since I upgraded to full-frame this lens got a new life! It basically became a “real” 35mm, so I’m getting images much wider than before.

I don’t own a wide-angle lens (yet!) and I never had experimented portraiture from that perspective. It’s pretty cool actually!

I discovered that with a wider angle I can capture both the model and the environment in a nice way and also that it makes my model look taller because it stretches a bit the silhouette.

Here are some examples:


All photos were taken for my current collaboration with fashion blogger Romina from


On a side note, I’m going with Romina to attend Mode Suisse tomorrow.
As the name says it’s a fashion show where Swiss designers showcase their work, you can find more info HERE if you’re curious.

I’m pretty excited (and a bit nervous I must say) as it’s my first time going to an event like this! I’m very curious to see how it goes and very happy too, not only because I’m getting to photograph at a fashion show but also because I was given permission to access the backstage!

I will share pictures here sometime soon for sure, but if you want to follow the adventure live I will probably be posting on Instagram 😉 You can find me there: @imonnet


Talk to you soon! Take care

3 thoughts on “The new life of my 35mm lens”

  1. I’m really enjoying your portraits Ines! I’ve been following along on Instagram and look forward to seeing the final shots from the fashion show!


    1. Thanks Helen 🙂 I should be able to publish the photos sometime this week!


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