Shooting with a camera that isn’t yours



I took this portrait during a wedding this Summer. Everyone was in their best costumes so I borrowed my friend’s camera and took her aside for a 5 minute photoshoot.


Then something challenging happened!

The camera was a Nikon D3000 and I couldn’t manually get to all controls like I’m used to do with my D90 or D610. I was completely lost in the menus of the camera doing simple stuff like changing the aperture. I felt like a fool being there trying to figure out how to shoot with it!
Inside I was thinking “Come on… this can’t be so different!” but in fact there is quite a difference.

I realized that I had never photographed with an entry-level dSLR before and that since the beginning I was used to cameras that had all controls on the camera buttons. So having to go in the camera menu when wanting to change my settings and having to deal with aperture limitations when zooming in (the lens was a kit-lens) was quite a challenge!

I always thought that I would only have technical issues when upgrading, lesson learned now 😉

In the end I managed to take a few shots and I’m happy with the result.
Here are two more portraits:



Have you ever photographed with someone’s else camera and experienced something similar?

7 thoughts on “Shooting with a camera that isn’t yours”

  1. Most of my friends have Canon DSLRs and whenever I borrow them I’m totally lost! The lens twists the other way around to zoom in and out and all buttons are on the other side. So confusing!:D


  2. I have the same problem with my sisters camera. (Hers is a D3000 and mine is a D610) I also run into problems when I try to shoot with my cousin’s camera (which is a Canon)… Totally confusing.


    1. We should always carry ours to avoid those situations but it’s so heavy that sometimes we have no choice! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂


  3. Oh yeah. And everyone expects you to know how to use every camera cuz you’re a photographer haha. I’ve had to mess with Canons, point and shoots, and various cell phones.


  4. yes. yes. yes….
    and it’s frustrating cuz you feel so foolish since the people expect you to be a wiz since you aren’t a novice at dSLRs. It’s quite humming. great shots though.


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