Happy Monday #3


It’s Monday again!
Hopefully you had a nice weekend and your batteries are full again.



On Saturday we celebrated my sister’s 18th birthday. She got pretty gifts!



I was quite busy working on something new last week. Some big news soon, but for now I can only tell you it’s related to (surprise surprise) portraits!

That’s why I ended up publishing only one post on Wednesday, about meeting a fellow photographer and blogger earlier this Summer.



Also last week I stumbled upon another blog written by a photographer. I’m always drawn to blogs where photogs share some behind the scenes and a more personal side of their daily lives. This one has all that + a series I found very interesting because I could relate to it, she blogs about being an introvert and for each post there’s an image with a small text like this one above.



For this week I have a few photoshoots scheduled with Romina, we have some projects together for this Autumn – it’s exciting! I will share more once things start happening!
Above are 3 photos I took of her and that were recently published on her blog.


I’m looking for a camera backpack that looks pretty and doesn’t scream “photo material inside”. I have my eyes on this one from ideer – what do you think?
Any suggestions of other bags I might like?



Oh and I will stop promising on Mondays that I will post more than one article during the week as I’m not doing it. So this week you can expect a new post on Thursday 😉


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