Meeting Joana Bento Glamour Photography


After 2 years of online chatting we finally met in person!

We started following each other’s blogs when Joana was living in the USA, documenting her adventures and love for portraiture. Recently she moved back to Portugal and started her own photography business: Joana Bento Glamour Photography.

This Summer during my vacation in Portugal she invited me to spend an entire day at the studio, so we could meet and talk photography. She also offered me a portrait session and asked me to photograph her in return, so she could update her picture on her site.


Here are some favorites I took of her:


I also really like the one she chose to be featured on her site:



Her studio has many windows and she uses huge panels as reflectors, everything is shot with natural light. I loved it because I only shoot with natural light as well. It was an awesome day!

Plus she has many dresses in the studio so I could rock a sparkly black one during my photoshoot! I shared on Instagram one of the portraits she took of me (see here) and Joana published another one on her Facebook page (see here).


I hope you like it, thanks for letting me share!

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