A couple of days with Joana



My friend Joana came to visit for a couple of days in August. On her last day here we stopped in Geneva for a mini portrait session by the lake. It was cloudy that morning, but perfect for photos as the light was very uniform.


Joana and I are friends since we were kids. Our moms are friends so as you can guess we were often together! We try to see each other every time I go to Portugal, but the last times I went there we couldn’t manage. So I was really happy when she decided to book a trip to visit me in Switzerland.


One of the days she was here was actually one of the hottest days of this Summer, so I took her for a walk by the lake in the morning and in the afternoon we went to a small forest up in the hills of the city. There’s a huge tower from which you have a beautiful view over the city and there are some animals too, I always find it fun to take people there.
Here are some photos of that day:


The portrait photos were taken with the Nikon D610 (using the 50mm lens) and the other images are all from the Fuji x100s.


Here’s a photo Joana took of me while I was snapping some pictures by the lake:


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