DIY Creative Self-portraits


Back in June I did some experiments with self-portraiture. The two images above were posted on my Facebook page at the time, so maybe it’s not the first time you’re seeing them.

I’m posting more photos today and a little behind the scenes so you can see how I did it!


I look so serious in these pictures ahahah! Taking self-portraits it’s kind of weird… You have no idea what face you’re making or even what face you’re supposed to be making!
I took around 60 photos to end up with 5 I kind of liked and decided to edit.


¦ T H E   M A K I N G   O F ¦

Finding a concept
I first created a mood board so I could gather some ideas and create a concept for the shoot:


It’s important to do this so you have a plan to follow and for me it really worked as motivation too, once this board was done I was all inspired to get ready!

Tip: This is just a guideline, the result doesn’t have to be exactly like that. For example I ended up not doing a braid with my hair. So there’s no need to spend too much time on it.

Styling, Hair & makeup
For the clothes, hair and makeup I just used things I already had:


I took off the collar from one of my winter coats and put it over one of my nice shirts, used some of my jewelry, created waves on my hair using my hair ironing machine and did my makeup with what I had at home.

Tip: Before doing the makeup applying quite some extra foundation on the skin will help it look smoother and you won’t need to work on it too much afterwards in post-production.

I moved all the furniture of my living room away and set everything up by the window:


I thought it would be quite complicated to explain with words how I did it, so I recreated it this afternoon and took this photo to show you! I hope it explains it all 🙂

Tip: I came up with the idea of having a mirror behind the camera because I was really struggling with not being able to see myself and I wanted to avoid having to get up every two photos to check how I was looking in the back of the camera. You still have to go there and check once in a while, but the mirror helps!

Here’s an example of what I did with the photos I selected:


I first edited the images as I usually do with portraits (exposure, contrast, dodge & burn, work on the skin, etc.) and then I added a texture to the background for a more creative feel. My rule of thumb is to keep it simple and try not to get too crazy with the edits.

Tip: I’m sure there are many ways to apply texture to a background, but the way I did it was to add the texture over the image, applied a layer mask, inverted it, then using the brush applied it back to the area I wanted and to finalize played around with opacity until it looked like what I imagined. 


I have to admit that it can be a bit annoying doing all this on your own but it’s a nice experience and as you just saw not that complicated to implement!
I hope it inspired you to try some self-portraiture 😉

I would love to know your opinion/experience on self-portraits, you can do so by leaving a comment below.

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