Status update

Oh my! Everything was going so well with this blogging thing, I was posting every other day but then I got lazy and busy. ;)

Lazy because this August has been nothing like Summer here in Switzerland. It’s been raining a lot, it’s cold and gray most of the days. I just feel like staying inside wrapped in a blanket.

Busy because August is also the month of a friend visiting from Portugal, of my debut shooting a small wedding and (if you follow along in social media you already know this) being photographer at a music festival!

I hope to be able to share all these photos here soon. :)


In the meantime, I leave you with this image I took last week just before a wind storm started.

6 thoughts on “Status update

  1. I hear you… Must really be this strange Swiss summer. But congrats on the photo jobs! Looking forward to some pictures!

    • Thanks Sarah :)
      I just checked your blog and saw you did a similar post also with a picture of flowers – that’s so funny! I wasn’t checking my Bloglovin feed for a while so I totally missed it! Glad you’re back on track ;)

    • I completely agree with both of you here! But at least the occasional bout of lightning and thunder makes for some great photo opportunities. Just discovered your blog and really glad I did – beautiful photos!

    • Thanks Jule!
      I should be back on posting regularly now that I’m back from my holidays ;)

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