Fellow photographers as models


Hi there!
I just wanted to do a quick post to share how great it is to go out shooting with other photographers and having them posing for you.


These photos from Roberta were taken the other day when we went for a photo walk together (read about it here).


“I would like to try something on that field, but I don’t know… you might get your clothes dirty”.
As soon as I said it she was jumping in there!

Then she said something like we should always take advantage of being between photographers and help each other to get the shot we have in mind.
I guess photographers think alike 😉

Do you go out shooting with other photogs often?


I have to leave you now!
Need to get ready for the wedding of two friends ❤
Hopefully I will be able to snap some photos to share here.

2 thoughts on “Fellow photographers as models”

  1. You are definitely right! Whenever I’m somewhere with a fellow photographer I know the picture they take of me wouldn’t look bad because they know a thing or two about angles 😉


    1. Yep! You can always see a bit of a difference in a portrait taken by another photographer. It’s too bad that we’re so far away from each other 😉


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