Praha – Part 2

DAY 2:
(continuation – see part 1 here)


This is one of the few black & white images I have from Prague, it’s such as colorful city!


The buildings are very well maintained and I loved how there were references to Art Nouveau in the architecture. On our way to have dinner we did a small detour to see the Dancing House.



DAY 3:


It was raining on the last day, so we took the tram to the Castle.
It’s a huge complex with a lot of monuments to visit, but what I really liked was The Golden Lane full of small houses where they recreated the space of people that used to live in the Castle Court (like artists, soldiers, fortune tellers, and even a movie collector).


The weather was a bit better during the afternoon, so we visited the gardens of the Wallenstein Palace.


And the Wenceslas Square.



The battery of my camera was dead at some point so I couldn’t take photos at the John Lennon Wall to share here (snif.. snif..).

Have you been to Prague before?


3 thoughts on “Praha – Part 2”

  1. I really need to be more active in the blogosphere I fear, otherwise I miss those posts! 😀
    Prague looks fantastic, unfortunately I’ve never been.
    I like the photos with the river, they have a certain appeal to them. But good job on capturing those buildings and places 🙂
    Some day I will visit it, too, especially for these weird crawling statures from your part 1 😀


    1. Thank you!
      Yes, it’s hard to keep updated with everyone, there are so many blogs. Sometimes I get lost too and see some posts only weeks later 😉
      (btw your comment was number 1000 here on the blog – congratulations ahah)


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