Personalized Leather Camera Strap


I was looking online for a leather strap for my Fuji x100s and found one on a Etsy store which offered the possibility to get a personalized tag. It had good reviews and wasn’t too expensive, so I decided to order it.

The store is called StudioFi – here’s the LINK to get there.

The strap is designed and handmade in their studio in Ukraine, for that reason it took two an a half weeks to be delivered. But it was worth the wait, how cute is the tag with my initials on it?

In total, including shipping, it cost me $31.45 (more or less 23 Euros / 28 Swiss Francs).



The only thing I found a bit challenging was inserting the rings in the supports. I double checked the reviews and no one complains about this, so maybe it’s just my lack of ability (and patience!) for these things. 😉



The length is about 108 cm (43 inches) and it feels pretty comfortable around the neck.

If you were looking for a nice strap this could be a good option!


PS: A proper post about the Fuji x100s is yet to come, I’m waiting to use it in different situations so I can share a more accurate opinion.

3 thoughts on “Personalized Leather Camera Strap”

  1. Such a gorgeous strap! Its suits the camera very well 🙂 I’ve got a new strap on the way as I’m tired of walking round with Nikon on my neck in big yellow letters!


    1. I can believe! The Nikon strap is not the most beautiful thing 😉
      I’m looking forward to seeing what you ordered.


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