1hour-1photo ft. Sarah Bucher

The May photo collab is ready and this time I’m featuring someone living in Switzerland as well!
Her name is Sarah and she’s the creator of Sarah Bucher Photography, a blog about photographing, creating, travelling – curious already? Go check it out!

Like my previous feature (Steffi Wo), Sarah also came to me via Helen Ogbourn’s site (from the March collab). How fun!
I’m really excited to share our photos below, you will see that we both photographed a sweet snack around 2:00pm and at 4:00pm we almost took the same picture 😀

The photographs were taken from 10:00am to 4:00pm last Sunday, from the same country but in different cities:


10 - 11
Sarah: A Sunday tradition: on the road to flea markets in France.
10i - 11
Me: it was the Lausanne Carnival that weekend, the streets were already filled with people and music that morning!


Sarah: The hubby bought a taxi. Off to the next town and market.
Me: spending the morning shooting by the lake.


Sarah: Befriending a horse somewhere in France. He came closer after the first couple of shots – how sweet.
Me: it’s always so nice when there are flowers everywhere.


Sarah: Back home. Shooting the freshly bought asparagus before putting it away.
Me: there were quite a few waves in the lake…


Sarah: Baked some coconut-chocolate macaroons (but as a flat ‚cake‘). Topped with strawberries for the perfect afternoon snack.
Me: it’s ice cream time!


Sarah: Looking through the box of old glass negatives I bought at one of the flea markets. Always loving the style and wondering who these people were.
Me: oh la la… he’s going to learn how to play the drums!


Sarah: April weather today with lots of gray clouds and rain in between blue skies and sun.
Me: it got stormy in the afternoon.

Thank you for participating Sarah! Hopefully we will be able to meet in person someday for a photo walk & coffee, since we’re not that far from each other 😉

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