A self portrait experiment

I thought I would try to take some self portraits the other day and I have to say it’s quite a difficult exercise!

Not in terms of the material needed, in fact it’s easy to improvise something at home: find a clean wall near a window, a tripod, a remote control and you’re set!



The difficult part is to look at the camera and know when to press the button on your remote. When you’re photographing someone else it’s easy to look at the person and wait for a good expression to take the shot. When you’re alone you have no idea! So you have to keep shooting and checking the back of your camera.

I took a lot of photos, I did some stupid faces at some point to try to relax a bit (like the bottom left one), I got some out of focus ones as well (the focus was on the wall instead of on me). Then when you’re selecting the ones you want to edit you find yourself being very critic, I guess we are all the same when looking at pictures of ourselves – right?



Finally I went for a black and white edit, not taking too much time working on my skin or other aspects. I just kept it natural. The montage above is the final result.

What’s your experience with self portraiture?
If none, would you dare trying and posting some of the results? 😉

8 thoughts on “A self portrait experiment”

  1. Great job! My favorites are the peace sign and the one to the right of it. I like them all though. I’m always a fan of black and white so never a bad direction in my opinion. If you had more color to play with then color works, but with your dark hair and eyes, and the stark white wall I think black and white was the best choice.


    1. Thanks Denzil! I have the same opinion, when in doubt the best is to go for black & white 😉


    1. Thanks David! I still have to try some double exposures with self portraits like you did on your blog 🙂


    2. I’m going to be giving away a new product for the iphone soon and I was thinking of giving an extra entry to anyone that creates a double exposure self portrait. Maybe that will motivate you to try 🙂


  2. Yeah, I like the bottom left as well 🙂
    I tried self portraits, unfortunately I don’t own a remote shutter, so the results were almost always bad, but what can I expect with the “timer”-method. I really need to get me one of those remotes someday…:D


    1. Thanks!
      The remote is very useful and not only for self-portraiture. It is also handy when you have your camera on the tripod, so you can take pictures and prevent camera movement.


    2. That’s right, but with landscape I can wait 2 seconds in the past to let the camera do what it does (long exposure or not) ^^


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