Bits & Pieces on hold

If you follow this blog you know I used to post a series of images here, once a week as part of a 52-week photography project called “Bits & Pieces”. So you might also have noticed that I stopped at week 34, about a month ago. The thing is: what started as being a project to keep me on track with my photography on a regular basis has become an obligation. I found myself thinking “I HAVE to take pictures for the Bits & Pieces post” and grabbing my camera without any motivation, just because I felt I had to.

Instead of keeping me motivated to shoot every week, it made me feel stressed. I enjoy taking photographs, it shouldn’t feel like this – so I’m putting this project on hold.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some photos I took with my phone (Sony Xperia SP) and edited with its software, using a filter called “drame”. Their quality is definitely not the best, but I mean.. for a phone it’s not that bad, specially when you look at them in its small screen. I found the result quite interesting:



The photos were taken along the lake Léman, near the cities of Vevey and Montreux (Switzerland).

How often do you take photos with your phone? Do you also use it to edit them afterwards?

8 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces on hold”

  1. I think these look lovely 🙂 I use my phone but only usually for instagram shots. I take and edit them using VSCO Cam Mbefore sharing them via Instagram. They’ve turned out fine on the whole, but occasionally the quality doesn’t look quite so good on a larger screen.


  2. Muito boas, mesmo com telemóvel! Eu também tiro umas de vez em quando, mas a qualidade da câmara não é tanta como a tua… o que faz com que tenha preguiça de editar as fotos porque nunca fico completamente satisfeita 🙂 De qualquer forma, tenho explorado um pouco mais os programas de edição de imagem do telemóvel, mas a maior parte das vezes limito-me a usar os filtros do instagram.


    1. Obrigada! Os filtros no meu telemóvel até são parecidos aos do Instagram, a vantagem é que posso trabalhar as fotos noutros formatos, sem estar limitada ao 1×1 do Instagram 🙂


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