Bits & Pieces 32/52

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today another food photography post! I love soup & crepes, they remind me of my childhood, so today I cooked both and photographed them to share here
+ truth is these posts are not anymore bits & pieces of my week as they started on week 1, I also have to confess that lately I kind of have to drag myself to the camera and make an effort to come up with something because I want to keep up with this 52-week photo project
+ until I find some creativity and energy to carry my camera with me everyday again and take pictures of bits & pieces of my weeks, I hope you enjoy these photo experiments I’ve been posting here!

Here’s a little video of me attempting to flip the crepes 😉

More of the Bits & Pieces 52 weeks photo project

6 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces 32/52”

    1. Thanks Greg! I see you also make some videos on your blog, that’s nice!


    1. Obrigada! Fui fazendo com calma, enquanto umas coisas cozinhavam ia tirando foto a outras. Demorou mais do que o habitual por estar sempre a interromper para as fotos, mas no fim ficou bem 😉


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