Bits & Pieces 30/52

♥ ♥ ♥

melted butter
flour + baking powder
… after

+ I’ve decided to bake banana bread today and thought I would do the Bits & Pieces post about it
+ I followed this recipe but used cinnamon instead of vanilla
+ the big mistake: I thought the 175°C mentioned in the recipe was too much for my oven so I cooked it at a lower temperature, after 1h it looked good from the outside but was completely raw in the inside. Lesson learned!
+ still, I had fun shooting while I was cooking – it reminded me of why I created a WordPress account in the first place: to start a blog with recipes. Unfortunately that didn’t go well and soon after it I deleted the blog. Perhaps I should revisit that idea!

More of the Bits & Pieces 52 weeks photo project

6 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces 30/52

    1. Hi Jule, I created that blog just before moving to Switzerland (I also didn’t have a nice camera back then). I don’t think I will recreate the blog, but having a food category here might be an option 😉 You also used to do recipe posts, I miss those!


  1. Gostei das fotos e da ideia dada no comentário acima 🙂 Além disso, há já algum tempo que ando a pensar cozinhar precisamente isto e acho que deste o empurrão final eheheh 😉 Beijinho


    1. Obrigada Joana! Espero que a parte da cozedura te corra bem!
      Vou pensar na hipótese de ter uma categoria com receitas aqui no blogue 😉


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