1hour-1photo ft. Inês Rosa

For the February photo collab we have someone with the same name as me: Ines 🙂
Inês Rosa is a Portuguese biologist originally from Aveiro and now living in Odemira.

Inês contacted me after she saw Joana’s participation in the October 1h-1photo. She’s a photography lover as well and wanted to take the challenge!

We both took photos last weekend from 10:00am to 5:00pm, here are they:


Inês: Time to wake up: the remains of a night after an acute sinusitis diagnostic
Me: milk explosion in tea, I always loved to watch this as a kid


Inês: Time do “catch” the breakfast: On weekends it’s always orange juice!
Me: I’m more into make up lately


Inês: Time to clean the house: it seems that the vacuum cleaner also need to be cleaned!
Me: new background for the iPad (found here)


Inês: Time to prepare something for lunch: garlic and onion ready for “refogado”
Me: my kitchen board with a cute mini calendar for 2014


Inês: Time to prepare the fireplace for the sunset and night
Me: no runners in the park today


Inês: Time to go out
Me: late lunch


Inês: Time to learn how to sew in aunt Chica’s old sewing machine: many things still need to be learned!
Me: =)


Inês: Time for a pause to drink tea with aunt Chica
Me: yummy hazelnut cookies

Thank you Inês for your participation! Why not create a blog or online gallery to start sharing your photos? I would love to see more 🙂

Want to be one of the next features?

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4 thoughts on “1hour-1photo ft. Inês Rosa”

    1. Obrigada! Se gostas de tirar fotos podes sempre participar um dia destes 😉


    1. Hi Jule, I never thought about it but I will put that idea in the list 😉


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