A weekend in London – part I


I was finally able to select and edit the photos from the weekend I spent in London earlier this month (see here). So this week will be special here on the blog, with a post per day on this topic – starting today until Friday 🙂


This trip to London was actually to celebrate the birthday of Estefânia! (already featured on the blog once if you’re curious) I met with her and two other friends in London and we spent the long weekend exploring the city.


Out of curiosity: I’m the one on the left 😉 You won’t see me in any other photo as I’m always behind the camera eheheh and in the middle there’s Joana (who participated in one of the 1hour-1photo collabs I have here on the blog). Monica is on the right!

Here’s the first part of the London photo diary – hope you enjoy!


(to be continued…)

6 thoughts on “A weekend in London – part I”

    1. Thanks Jule! It does makes sense and that was my goal, to make it more like a photo reportage and not so touristic! 😀


  1. Lovely 🙂 I love London! The picture in the natural history museum is just stunning with all the shadows and light 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂
      I struggled a bit with the low light in the Museum but in the end I managed to get some nice shots.


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