Bits & Pieces 16/52

♥ ♥ ♥


+ it’s getting colder these days but we’re definitely still in Autumn (at least in the city)
+ I’ve had this cactus for about 2 years
+ same walnuts as posted in the bits & pieces post nr 2 (see here)
+ lazy weekend, did absolutely nothing productive… argh!

More of the Bits & Pieces 52 weeks photo project

7 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces 16/52”

  1. Lazy weekends are the best 🙂 Lovely pics again…and such beautiful blue skies! We need some blue skies here…it’s so grey and dull!


    1. Thanks Helen! I spent more than a month in London in the Summer of 2009 and the weather was great, sunny and blue sky all the time. Only when I got back earlier this month I saw the grey London everyone talks about 😉


    1. É o mesmo que pus no Instagram no outro dia, quando disse que era a única planta que tinha sobrevivido cá em casa eheheh


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