1hour-1photo ft. Marlene Mesquita

The third feature of my monthly photo collaboration is Marlene Mesquita.
Marlene is a friend of mine and I photographed her last Summer, you can see the photos and read about how we met here.

This time I decided to reduce the amount of photos, as I realized that taking one photo from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm was a bit too much… Also, we changed clocks and now it’s getting darker earlier! So I thought starting at 10:00 am and stopping at 7:00 pm will work just fine:


Marlene: wake-up! Still in bed but already looking at the day light outside
Me: crunchy breakfast


Marlene: calm Sunday, wandering through the house drinking tea
Me: catching up on my reading


Marlene: in the garden of my house
Me: my favorite watch


Marlene: after a family lunch enjoying the very special “pastel de nata”
Me: kitchen deco


Marlene: after a coffee I play with my cat, Torrão
Me: Portuguese dessert called “leite creme” (literal translation is “cream milk”)


Marlene: driving to Aveiro to go to the movies
Me: new dream-catcher in the house


Marlene: enjoying Aveiro’s gardens while the sun is still hot
Me: robotic lamp


Marlene: got the tickets, time to watch Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney
Me: the days are getting smaller


Marlene: intermission in the theather
Me: time to close the blinds and turn on the lights


Marlene: a snack, baked apple made by my mother
Me: back to the kitchen

I hope you enjoyed both our images of a Sunday in October!

Thank you Marlene for taking part in this project 😉
I hope to see you soon in Portugal!

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2 thoughts on “1hour-1photo ft. Marlene Mesquita”

    1. All portuguese desserts are good 😉 eheh Thanks!
      Have you seen my reply to your comment on Facebook? If you want to be one of the next features I would be more than happy!


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