Personal note: 2 years of ImonnetPhoto

I just wanted to do a post about the fact that it was 2 years ago last week that I started this blog.
I published my first post in September 12th 2011 🙂

I don’t want to write a huge text about this, but I just felt it would be nice to say a little something!

Over the past two years I experimented a lot with photography, attended many courses (mostly online), read and discussed a lot about it with other people with the same passion, joined the local Photo Club, tried film photography, followed the work of other photographers, but the most important accomplishment for me is that I’ve started taking portraits.
I wrote many times on this blog that this was something I wanted to try out and a huge thank you to all my family and friends who patiently have been volunteering to be in front of my camera!

Right now you might have noticed that I’ve been taking portraits of the same girl, Romina, regularly. She has a blog where she posts her looks, expresses her style and thoughts about fashion. I feel very lucky that I could start an on-going collaboration with her and very honored that she’s been using my photos on her blog.

Below two shots I particularly like from one of our sessions:



From here I can only wish to keep going with taking portraits and continue evolving with my photography skills.

A big THANK YOU to you too! Yes you, who are reading this!
After all what’s a blog without readers and their feedback? 😉

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