1hour-1photo ft. Lost in Sweden

This is a new series of photo collabs I’m planning to have once a month here on the blog!
What I want to do is go through a day and take a picture every hour (from 9.00am to 9:00pm, for example), and invite another person to do the same thing on the same day.
Then, I will gather all images and make a post with both photos for each hour, so we can see how different or how similar our days are.

First feature is Jule from the blog Lost in Sweden!
If you read my blog for a while you might remember her from past blog collabs, like this one or that one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy a Sunday in photographs, both in Sweden andย Switzerland:

9:00 am

Jule: morning routine
Me: time to get up


Jule: trip to the swedish recycling containers
Me: it was a slow morning…


Jule: a bunch of heather on my way back home
Me: inspirational emails, love getting them


Jule: studying in bed
Me: kitchen time


Jule: fresh midday air and light
Me: cooking lunch (almost burned the omelet!)


Jule: pasta for one
Me: mysterious plant on my balcony (I didn’t seed it)


Jule: walking under the bridges
Me: little tour in town


Jule: arriving at the tattoo fair
Me: in the elevator


Jule: still going strong at the tattoo fair
Me: starting a new book


Jule: some amazing architecture on our way home
Me: afternoon snack


Jule: need to clean my balcony
Me: need to plan a visit to IKEA soon


Jule: the kitchen is closing for today
Me: dishes


Jule: last glimpse of today
Me: time for an episode

Funny facts:
– We took a similar photo at 3:00pm.
– Although in different hours, we both took a photo on our balcony.
– We clean our kitchen at the same hour at night.

Thank you Jule for accepting the challenge of being the first! ๐Ÿ™‚
Guys, make sure to visit her blog and send her some love.

If you want to participate and be featured in one of the future 1hour-1photo posts, please email me at imonnetphoto@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

10 thoughts on “1hour-1photo ft. Lost in Sweden

    1. Thanks! If you’re the Joana I think you are… you’re on the list to be featured ๐Ÿ˜‰


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