New Photo project || Bits & Pieces 1/52

I was quite sad the other day looking at my (non updated) blog and realizing how submerged I’ve been with work, that I don’t even make time for my biggest passion (photography!) anymore…

Well, there’s no point in feeling bad and keep doing nothing to change it, right?
That’s why I’m starting a new photo project that will keep me on track with my photography, it’s called Bits & Pieces.

I’ve seen this in other blogs before, it’s a collection of images from your daily life – it makes you realize all the good things you have in life 🙂 I guess it also makes you look around in a different way and of course it keeps you photographing almost everyday.

I’m going to mix this with another well known photo project among the blogosphere: 52 weeks photo project.

So here’s how this is going to work:
Every week I will do a Bits & Pieces post with photos taken during those days. I will post this every Sunday for the next 52 weeks. Starting today! 😀

(If you think this is something you would like to do as well, or if you’re already doing something like this, please join me and share the link to your Bits & Pieces posts in the comments section, so I can follow along. It would be fun!) 

♥ ♥ ♥


+ reading a new photography magazine
+ polaroid love
+ my beloved bearded boyfriend
+ very hot and sunny days
+ fireworks for the Swiss National Day
+ wandering around the city
+ spinach pie in the making
+ afternoon by the lake

12 thoughts on “New Photo project || Bits & Pieces 1/52”

  1. Great photos! I look forward to following your projects! I’m trying to take more every day type photos and am also determined to print more out and have them on display around the house!


    1. Thanks Helen! I also look forward to seeing more of your “Ten Photos” series 🙂


  2. Glad to see you’ll be shooting more regularly. I’ve missed your posts. Work can definitely zap time and creativity. I haven’t felt very inspired or motivated to shoot lately. That needs to change for me as well.


    1. Hi Denzil! I miss your posts too! Sometimes I even go check your blog to make sure I didn’t miss an update or something 😉 Hope you’ll be back on track soon.


    1. Thanks Jule! Let me know once you’re back from Thailand, I have a photo collab in mind for us 😉


  3. The shots of this post are really amazing!!
    I’m glad you are now taking some time to do the things you like; I imagine works takes a lot of time as studying does 😉
    The pictures of the fireworks bokeh are Fascinating!! Great job!


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