Film photography


One of the advantages of being part of the local Photo Club is that you have a lot more access to activities and workshops related to photography.

I recently did a workshop on film photography, it was super interesting and so much fun to actually print my own work!

It was such a great experience to shoot without being able to see the result right away and to be forced to really think about the combination of the settings + surroundings.

And the best was the laboratory work! 🙂

Here’s my favorite shot of the series:



And the rest:


I can’t say I prefer film to digital photography, but film has something magical you will not find in the digital world 😉

If you live in Lausanne and would be interested in this workshop you can find more information here.

8 thoughts on “Film photography”

  1. Great series of photographs! I’ve never shot film or played in a darkroom, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I always turn the displays on my cameras off so I’m less likely to chimp, but I still check every 4th shot or so just to make sure I’m not way off on my settings. In my opinion it’s still hard to tell whether you actually got the shot until you see it on a larger screen. Seeing your work printed, whether digital or film, definitely breathes new life into a photo. Definitely a much better experience than always viewing them on a computer.


    1. Thanks! That’s true, sometimes we got surprises when seeing the photos on the computer – sometimes good surprises 🙂


    1. You should try it sometime 🙂
      I scanned the negatives after I developed the film, so I could see all images on the computer, choose my favorites and continue to develop these ones.


  2. Também gostava de fazer um workshop assim… Tenho de ver seriamente opções (aqui mais perto 😛 )

    Belas fotos! Gosto especialmente das do terceiro conjunto 🙂


    1. Obrigada Joana! É uma experiência muito gira, deve haver alguma coisa do género por aí de certeza 🙂 Se chegares a fazer depois partilha.


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