It’s iPad’s fault…

I recently got an iPad mini as a gift and the result is that I’m never on my computer anymore.
Which means no updates on the blog.
I’m using the WordPress App, but for the reader feature only. Anyone out there posting from the iPad? How is it?

Lens: 35mm – Shutter speed: 1/20 – Aperture: f/4 – ISO: 800

I have not been photographing lately… perhaps because it’s freezing cold outside..? What a bad excuse! πŸ˜‰
On the other hand, I’ve become a member of the local Photo Club and it has been a nice experience.
Are you a member of your local Photo Club? How has the experience been so far? How often do you meet?

Out of curiosity, I’ve been featured here. Take a look if you want to know more about my passion for photography.

6 thoughts on “It’s iPad’s fault…”

  1. I’m sad to hear you haven’t been out shooting much, but I do love this photo. Well composed, and I like the contrast of the white cup with the black iPad.

    I’ve made a few blog posts straight from my iPhone when the photo was taken with my iPhone, I can’t imagine there would be much difference on the iPad mini.

    As far as the local camera club, I’ve gone on one photowalk that sounded interesting to me, but most of their other advertised gathering don’t sound that interesting to me. It’s run by a local photographer that uses the club as opportunities to rent out his studio.


    1. I guess I need to find some more photo challenges, projects and collaborations to keep on track again πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your feedback, I will test posting from the iPad. I’m just concerned I won’t be able to format the post as I want and as I do on my computer, but I will never know until I try!

      My local Photo Club is also run by a local photographer, we meet once a week and each session has a theme to discuss. There are also photo contest, the photos are judged and a winner is picked. There are a few digital and film workshop as well (looking forward to those), and some other activities like photo walks and gatherings. So far it has been pretty interesting!


  2. I have an ipad but don’t use it for posting. I’m not a member of any of our local camera clubs. I guess I’m not much of a joiner, I prefer to go it on my own.
    I liked your feature on that photo site. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the feedback Phil!
      I imagine it would be complicated to photograph in the wild – like you do – with a group of people, it would scare the animals and ruin the photos :p


  3. I’ve got a mini ipad for xtmas too πŸ™‚ the white one! it’s so cuute. It’s nice to being part of an local photo club, I’m a member of the Richmond Photography Meetup and is awesome! You find people with different skills and levels of knowledge.


    1. Indeed, it’s nice to meet people who shoot different things as you do and with different gear + comparing & discussing the results πŸ™‚


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