I created my Flickr account when I started my 30-day photo challenge back in the Summer of 2011 and I used to look for inspiration in the Explore section almost everyday.

I kept uploading photos since then, but was never good at commenting on other’s work and connecting with photographers there. I was recently considering if I should delete my account when an interesting invitation came up!


Helen, a fellow blogger from the U.K. had just created a Flickr group and website called Photography Butterfly:
An online community where you can find all things photography related including simple photography advice, project ideas, book reviews and much more!

She was inviting me to add one of my photos to the group, as well as joining in the community. And that’s how I decided to stay on Flickr and become an active member!

1) Check out the website by clicking on the image above.
2) Are you a Flickr member?
3) I’m looking to follow some interesting people there, share some names if you will!

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2 thoughts on “Flickr!”

  1. Isn’t the Photography Butterfly (and also Helen) awesome!? I have a hard time with Flickr too, it seems like people will look, but not go too far beyond that. I think it’s finding the right group of people and hopefully Helen’s new group will do that. I added you as a contact (I’m mandooley). I don’t know that I’m very inspiring, but I’m on there anyway. 🙂


    1. Of course you are! I love your close-up sunset shots, the “Day 58” photo is definitely my favorite 🙂 I was already following your blog, I’ve now added you as a contact on Flickr as well. We’ll keep in touch!
      PS: Photography Butterfly rocks for sure 😉


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