Photoshop & Me

I’m a Lightroom user and I edit my photos in a instinctive way, I’m not very technical and don’t really master all the tools of the software. I edit all my photos in a practical way: I play around with temperature, exposure, contrast, vignette and so on, until I feel the image looks good to me!

So, for now that’s what I’ve been doing and my relationship with Photoshop has been very limited. Basically I only open my images with Photoshop to remove things I feel distracting and that I didn’t want to have in the photo in the first place.

Below are some examples:

That bridge behind the houses was really bothering me and I remember trying to avoid having it on the frame when I took the photo, but I couldn’t. So, I removed it in post processing using Photoshop.


That huge lamp felt so wrong in the background! What was I thinking when I took the photo? I guess I was so concerned about photographing this girl I had just met in person, that I didn’t pay attention to some details.


In the color version of this photo the man in the background has a red shirt, so I first went with a B&W edit trying to minimize this distraction. I felt it wasn’t enough and I decided to remove him from the picture (as well as some black spots here and there).

This process became easier due to the bokeh background of each photo. 😉

The big news is… this is going to change! Photoshop is obviously much more than that and I want to be able to do some cool and creative things with it. But that’s a story for another post! 🙂

What’s your experience with Photoshop?

7 thoughts on “Photoshop & Me”

  1. nice! I do the same thing. I play with Lightroom for the regular basis and Photoshot for special photoshoots, specially to even out the skin 😉


    1. I’m learning some tricks for the skin as well, it’s like doing makeup on a photo – so fun!


    1. Thank you so much! You’re the 2nd person who nominates me for that challenge – I need to put the post together ASAP 😉


  2. I started off with photoshop 5 or 6 years back before Lightroom existed, but I never felt PS to be intuitive for photo editing at all. I’ve been using LR since it was a beta, and it always just made more sense to me. I’ve got an old copy of PS CS3 for removing distracting items, but I don’t even do it on the level you do. I use it for little things like someone’s zipper being down, or someone having a knife clipped to their pants pocket. Basically dumb things I should have caught before pressing the shutter. I know it’s become a lot easier to remove things, even large things, with the new content aware filtering PS has, and I do find that intriguing, but I think I prefer to take the image as it is and minimize distractions in camera through creative angles, repositioning subject, or using aperture. I know that isn’t always possible, as was the case in your examples, but I think I would have just found a new location to take the photo. I’ve seen a few extreme examples where a photographer even moved windows that models were posing in closer together to create a tighter composition. It was a fantastic photo, and it definitely looked stronger as a result, but I don’t think my brain even works that way lol. “Pose here, and I’ll just move you closer together in post.”


    1. I understand what you’re saying, it feels good to make as much as possible in camera and come up with creative solutions on location. And I agree that the example you gave is extreme and it make us think the photographer is lazy…
      But, I also believe that the creative process doesn’t stop there and that it continues in post-processing. Nowadays, we have so many tools to keep working on our images, why limit ourselves to the camera?


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