Photo surfing #9

It’s been a while since I posted what I’ve been seeing online!
Here are a few things I thought would be interesting to share:
(please click on the Polaroids to go to the respective sites)

Images of Planet Mars. Isn’t that amazing?

A monthly challenge that I enjoy doing (see here, here and here).
This month let’s get creative! Check it out and join in, will you?

Did you know the painter also made a few experiments with photography?
Watch some photos at LIFE.

I participated last year (and posted about it here).
The date for this year’s walk has been announced, wanna know all about it? Just click on the image for the Q&A!

I found this blog this week and I absolutely adore the images posted there.
I guess it’s the type of work you either love or don’t like at all… I’m a fan!

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