Participating: Self Edit Mini-Challenge

The Self Edit Mini-Challenge hosted by Shannon and David is very simple and can be explained in 3 steps:
1) Grab a camera;
2) Pick a subject and take 100 different photos of it;
3) Choose your best 5-10 images, edit them and submit only the 2 strongest images.

I tried different angles, exposures, apertures, compositions, … The first time I stopped I was at 17 photos and thought “How am I going to do another 83??”, but the next time I looked at the counter I already had enough: 119!!!

First you don’t know how you’re going to take so many pictures of the same subject, but then you get creative and nothing stops you. 😉

So here are my 2 favorites:

1 copy
Lens: 35mm – Exposure: 1/50 – Aperture: f/1.8 – ISO: 200
2 copy
Lens: 35mm – Exposure: 1/40 – Aperture: f/2.8 – ISO: 200

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